informacje :: o firmie

BIOSERWIS MULTIPLE INTERPRISE is a limited liability company founded on March, 1989.
Our headquarters is in Teofilow - an indusrial district od Lodz, at Sw. Teresa od Dzieciatka Jezus 105 Street.
We have production halls which measures 1680 m2, magazines of 1480 m2. They are placed on solid, fenced ground which maesures 5580 m2 equiped with all media, with neccesary, partly modern, machine park for woodwork.

The company is represented by:
1. Michał Wiciński - President
2. Janusz Marciniak - V-ce President

BIOSERWIS Company deals with services and production of wooden windows and doors according to state-of-art technologies (EURO, SKANDINAVIA system).
Most of all we are specialized in outsized products for individual orders of private investors.We also produce woodwork for public utility buildings (schools, kindergardens, hospitals) and monuments (churches, monasteries, apartment houses).

Wide experience, woodwork practice, highly qualified staff and solidity gave us the possibility to start the production of Scandinavian type windows and doors in 1994 and export them to Denmark, and beginning from 2001 also to Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.
This export is an important part of our activity, and we are expecting its further growth. We have our representatives in Denmark and Norway

We use the most advanced technologicaly wooden materials, glass, furniture, impregnants and varnishes.
Our partners and suppliers are:

- Kajmex, Bartek, DLH (wood)
- VBH, Maco (furnitures)
- Vitroszlif, MS (glass)
- Remmers, Italcolor (paint)
- IPA (Dania) (Dannish furnitures)
- Inter Deventer (seals)
- and others

Our goal is to make products that meet our clients' expectations, and to keep an opinion of a trustworthy partner.

We have technical approval to our woodwork:
ITB NR AT 15-2948/00
In 2003 we gained a certificate of Quality Management:
EN ISO 9001:2000

"Bioserwis" company is an active member of Producers, Providers and Distributors Associacion "POLSKIE OKNA I DRZWI".

We guarantee professional and quick realization of every order for standard and outsized woodwork according to our clients' wishes. We provide with proffesional technical consultation in range ofconstruction solutions, installation and transport services.

Our windows and doors are new, sharp look at the world.

Michał Wiciński
Janusz Marciniak