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Wood has been used as natural stuff for all purposes since the down of the history of mankind. Our woodwork gives you the possibility to fulfill your dreams of living with harmony with nature. Our windows are ecological, with perfect thermal and sound insulation.

Our leading products are: EUROLINE-1 one-frame windows and Scandinavian-style windows.

Types of EURO windows: okno euro

  • open-out and half-opened windows
  • open-out windows
  • half-opened windows
  • sliding windows
  • revolving windows
  • fixed-glazing glass-cases
  • French doors

Our one-frame windows are made of sticking stratified wood according to EUROLINE-1 system. At our clients' request, we produce windows at any size and shapes, also with softline profile (rounded edges).


We use the following wood materials: pine, red Meranti, oak. They are sticked from three stratified layers - the layers are chosen in proper way according to grains, so called "solid wood" or "joined on micro-sockets", without any defects. It makes the materials stable and durable.


We use envelope furnitures produced by Austrian company MACO. Thses furnitures have microventilation in half-opened wing and in open-out and half-opened wing, which is controlled by a handle. We use furnitures in ROTO, GU and SIGENIA type when producing sliding French doors and folding doors. It is possible to use furnitures with extended anti-burglar features and a handle with a key.


We use joint glass to produce our windows, with overall heat transfer coefficient U = 1,1 w/m2 K and sound insulation Rw = 32 dB. We use also another set of joint glass (with additional charge) e.g. joint glass with extended resistant class type 02(safe glass), P2, P3, P4(anti-burglar glass). In additioal charge, we also install lattice, ornamental and reflective windows.


Our windows are double-impregnated and double-varnished to "azure" or body colour by REMMERS and ITALCOLOR paint according to our colours pattern or RAL palette. We paint windows twice with the same colour or in two colours (with extra charge) by hydrodynamic method which makes varnish penetrate wood deeply.

  • aluminium gutter drip cap installed in frames
  • micro half-opening
  • window handles produced in Germany (five colours available)
  • freeze-resistant seal by INTER-DEVENTER company installed in the wing
  • windows with or without bar (so called:movable bar)
  • various kind of panes (ornamental, coloured, reflective and lattice panes)
  • additional drip cap to the leaf
  • a ventilator
  • anti-burglar furniture
  • set of panes e.g 02, P2, P3, P4
  • warm frame insulation
  • window bars placed inter panes or frame window bars, which are opened, sticked on glass, and constructional window bars